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I.M. Portrait 7
Rockim official 22
year's image in 1991.
Summer Yacht Party 2
Summer party
on Yacht in the
Mediterranean sea.
Eurovision 2017 1A
Rockim on Eurovision
2017, Kiev, Ukraine.
I.M. & Z.M. 1
Rockim on Railway
Exhibition in 1992.
I.M. Foto 9
Rockim 15 year old
image in 1984.
I.M. Foto 6
Rockim 26 year old
image in 1995.


Professional informations.
Igor Manica "Rockim" is the professional musical composer, producer for popular music and guitarist. I composition and production above all the Melodic Pop / Rock / Heavy Metal music, singing in the English and Française languages.
Rockim official 19 year old image.
Eurovision 2017 Kiev Ukraine 2
Rockim on Eurovision 2017, Kiev, Ukraine.
Eurovision 2017 Kiev Ukraine 5
Rockim on Eurovision 2017, Kiev, Ukraine.
Eurovision 2017 Kiev Ukraine 4
Rockim on Eurovision 2017, Kiev, Ukraine.
Private informations.

The author of these sites believed, that was born in the wrong time at wrong place and every restriction is contravening free mind spirit. They the 1st adventure way for freedom across the iron curtain he realised therefore in the 1988 year, at the age 19 years already. In the West Germany in Munich (D) he experienced a complicated life of emigrant. On this place he would want say thank for the Bundes Republik Deutschland (D), that to him awarded entry Visa and residence permit in time authoritarianism lack of freedom in his birthplace. Currently lives alternately in the south France (F) on Beach de Azure – (PACA) in Nice city and in the capital city of Slovakia (SK) in Bratislava and The France is considers to his new home. Forasmuch as the time, place and situation of birth are subject to influence of destiny and the subject can not free will choose their, he hold the view, that every person would live there, where him likes and where feel oneself right.

Saint Tropez 1
Rockim in Saint Tropez, France, 1992.
I.M. Kosice 10
Rockim Child in Košice, Slovakia, 1972.
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